No-Water Gardening Tips

No-water gardening

This is one phenomenon that every gardener should know about. Not only will it save time, water, and money it will also show how well nature can work together. It will also explain why weeds can pretty much grow from the most remote crack under the worst conditions. These no-water gardening tips can help you to produce the most robust flower garden that is self sustaining with very little maintenance. Something that requires no constant attention and work is welcomed in most of our lives. I just never considered that I could get that result from my own garden.

What is a no-water garden?

This is a garden that requires no watering on your part, with plants that can reseed themselves. There is no mulching and prodding that you would need to do with your normal vegetable and flower gardens. No need to worry about pests or drought, but you can take out the weeds every now and then if you see fit. It is pretty much a project that you can create and leave it alone for years to do what it does on its own and beautify your property naturally. They can be found in very dry areas around the world.

Plants for your garden

You will need plants that will self-sow, and you will never have to worry about replanting anything. They must also be able to withstand infrequent watering. The first plant that comes to mind is a cactus, but if you do not want sticky thorns in your garden you can try lavender, butterfly flower, California poppies, Verbena bonariensis, caryopteris, euphorbia, and Artemisia. There are other plants as well that you can try that will have the leaves with waxy coating. This helps plants to keep in their natural moisture. Experiment with other flowers that can withstand droughts as well.

Preparing the area

Try marking off a small area that you want to try this on. You can create raised beds with plain topsoil. No fertilizer or compost is necessary. Cover the topsoil with small river rocks or small rocks you may have in your yard. Do not use wood mulch for this project. Having the small rocks instead of mulch will help the rainwater to soak into the roots faster. It won’t have that layer of wood mulch to go through first. When you plant potted plants in your garden remove most of the soil and plant them deep enough so that the rocks are at the crown of the plant. No dirt should be showing around the plant. This will keep the weeds down as well.

There is so much you can do with this garden, such as adding a bench, lighting, and other garden décor. Use it as your sanctuary to relax in at the end of the day and enjoy.

Do you have a no-water garden?

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