How To Make A Water Garden

Water garden

If you want to add a bit of ambiance to your backyard, you definitely need to make a water garden. These water gardens will prove to be a fantastic addition to your hard for the barbecue season when you have all of your family and friends over. It doesn’t matter if you opt for a small water garden or a large one, a water garden with just plants or one that has some fish too, as either way this garden will be quite the visual experience.

Learn how to make a water garden below:

1. Research

  • Before you start making your water garden, you have to do some research. This is when you will figure out what kind of water garden you want to install in your backyard. Remember, there are all different types to choose from so know what you want ahead of time.

2. Pick the Right Location

  • Now that you know what kind of water garden you want, you need to find the right location to construct your water garden. After all, you want your water garden to thrive. Choose an area that has full sunlight, as that will allow your plants to grow better.  You also need to select a spot that is wide open and doesn’t have any trees nearby. That’s because the tree will leave you with unwanted shade and you’ll constantly be having to clean the leaves and other debris out of your garden.

3.  Figure Out the Size of Your Water Garden

  • If you are unsure of where to place your water garden, you should pick a small one. When your water garden is small enough, you can move it from one location to the next until you find the right spot. Small water gardens are also great if you don’t have a lot of room in your backyard. If you want to have a lot of plants, fish or a fountain, than a large water garden would be better suited for you.

4. Select a Container and Liner for Your Water Garden

  • For those of you who decide to have a small water garden, choose a wooden barrel or tub. Then, line the barrel with plastic because if you don’t, the rotting wood can damage your plants. Those with a large water garden have more choices for their liner. They can select a liner that is concrete, brick, clay, plastic or fiberglass.

5. Decide If You Want Accessories

  • Figure out if you want to get items like a pump, filter or lights for your water garden. If you decide on fountains and waterfalls, you will need to get a pump and filter.

6. Dig a Hole and Prepare It

  • If you decide on a large garden, you will need to dig a hole. Your hole must be shallow at one end and then gradually deepen throughout the rest of it.  Make sure to clean out any debris that may be in the hole like rocks, roots and sticks. That’s because these items can puncture the lining.  Next, place about an inch of builder’s sand into the bottom of the hole. From there, place the liner in the hole and fill it with water. Everything you do after this is completely up to you. If you prefer having rocks, stones, slabs or plants to bring a natural look to your water garden, do so accordingly.


 Image: iStockPhoto


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