8 Vegetables You Should Always Have In Your Garden

10 vegetables You Should Have in Your garden

There are certain vegetables that my family always planted every year. We never went without these vegetables and they became a staple for our food supply. Probably because of their nutrients and vitamins that they provided for such a large amount of people, they were very important to keep around. We canned and froze some of the vegetables for later use, and that was always a money saver. These vegetables can help cut down on your grocery list by always having the basics on hand in the garden. Why buy them when you can grow them fresh in your own garden? Here is a list of 10 vegetables you should have in your garden.

  • Tomatoes

I have actually never seen a garden in my neighborhood without tomatoes. They were always kept around for soups, canning, tomato sandwiches, and just to eat fresh off the vine.

  • Collard Greens

Bursting with vitamin C, Vitamin K, and soluble fiber, it was always on the table in our house. Turnip greens were also a part of the greens that were always kept in the garden.

  • Beans

There were always string beans and butter beans growing in the garden. Remove the beans carefully and the plant will continue to produce. They are great canned or frozen if you have a lot.

  • Corn

Corn was always present for several reasons. The things you can do with corn are massive, so having it growing fresh each year will save you money. Use it to feed the animals, corn on the cob, and even make things out of the corn cob itself.

  • Squash

The yellow crookneck squash was the staple in our garden. I never knew that there was any other kind until I became an adult. Now I love butternut squash as well.

  • Potatoes

A sweet potato patch was always planted for the custards and baked sweet potatoes. I rarely ate a white potato after having sweet potatoes around all the time. I guess you should plant some white potatoes too if you must.

  • Peppers

There were hot red peppers planted to make pepper sauce, and green and yellow bell peppers for cooking soups and other dishes.

  • Cucumbers

Fresh cucumbers are tasty and we used them for making pickles as well. They are wonderful with salt, and they are great in salads.

Photo Credit:  istockphoto.com

What are some of your favorite vegetables to have in the garden?






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