Using Unusual Items Around the Home as Planters

vintage bicycleTypical planters are a dime a dozen, and for some of you, a little boring. But for those gardeners with more whimsical taste, scouring your attic or garage for discarded items can produce some amazingly unique flower planters. Just look beyond the obvious, and with a little creativity, you can re-purpose old items you have that are just gathering dust into visually interesting and effective new flower pots and planters.

Let’s start with large items first, which are ideal for garden beds containing a variety of different plants and flowers:

* Antique Claw Footed Bathtub
* Old canoe or other small boat
* A large fish aquarium
* Galvanized silver trash cans
* An antique vanity placed against the side of the house, with a mirror hung above it, and arrange flowers on top and in open drawers

Medium-sized items which are perfect for creating drama, and best used with plants and flowers that “spray” or droop:

* A Cello — yes, a cello! Attached to a wooden fence or trellis, looks so dramatic with ivy or flowers “spraying” from the instruments opening and growing up and down the neck.
* A wheelbarrow
* Bicycle with an attached basket
* A wicker chair painted bright red with the seat removed and replaced with a planter.
* An antique baby carriage
* An antique birdcage on a stand, or without the stand, hanging from a trellis, large tree branch or covered patio
* Old dresser drawers — used either alone as a window box or stacked
* Old tires — just paint them white, or in vibrant colors, and used alone, stacked, or even hung at varying heights on the side of a house or garage
* a rusty old Weber-style grill — great for a terrarium of cactus

Small items are perfect for single flowers, single plants or small clusters of flowers:

* Used paint cans — hung from a pre-made plant pole with distributed hooks at different levels, hung from a porch, or even arranged on an old wooden ladder, these planters look so wonderful, especially with each can displaying colorful drips of paint sliding down the sides.
* Rustic watering cans, sitting on window sills or hung on the outside walls of the house
* picnic baskets
* A pair of big yellow rubber rain boots or weathered work boots
* vintage tool box

Virtually anything can be used as a flower pot, stand or planter. Start looking at your clutter in a new way, and you’ll discover how neglected objects in your home can be resurrected and have new purpose. So breathe some new life into old junk, and be amazed at the beauty you can create with some imagination, perhaps a little paint, and of course, any kind of flower or plant.


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