How To Use Growing Bags For Plants

growing bags for plants

For those that do not know, growing bags are actually plastic bags that are filled with a peat-based compost. They’re typically used for small gardens, balconies or any place where there isn’t a lot of space to fully garden.

Below you will find out how to use growing bags for your plants:

Step One: Create your growing bag

While you can definitely buy a growing bag at your local nursery, many individuals choose to make their own instead. If you put together your own growing bag, you need to add a good quality peat-based compost mixture to it. From there, cut a rectangular slit into the bag. This will leave you with a rectangle that has edges on the top half of the bag. You’ll also want leave plenty of edging to hold the peat compost mixture completely.

Step Two: Grow your plants

First off, lay out your growing bag right where you normally plant your crops. Then, begin planting shallow-rooted plants in the bag. Usually, you will find items like tomatoes, eggplants, marrow, strawberries and flowers planted in these growing bags. Any deep-rooted vegetables like carrots or beetroots won’t do well in the shallow bag soil. The bag needs to remain well-watered at all times. To do this, poke a few drainage holes in the side of the bag. At times the plastic will end up heating the peat-compost mixture, so keeping your soil moist is crucial.

Step Three: Add in the finishing touches

As the growing season progresses, it’s important to add more nutrients to your plants. That’s because over time, the peat-compost mix will end up losing it’s nutrients so you have to put in new ones. Generally, though, a compost tea addition is ideal. You should also pop up any tall plants as you see fit. You may need to use stakes or any items like that to stand up the plants as they continue to grow. However, you have to be extra careful not to pierce these through the bottom. When the next growing season approaches, you can reuse the growing bag.


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