Gardening Tips Creating a Garden with Unique Garden Plants

Creating a Garden with Unique Garden Plants

Unique Garden Plants
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Creating a garden is a fun way to show off your personality. However, if lilacs, roses, and tulips aren’t your style, you may want to consider a few of the more interesting unique garden plants for your yard. Choosing a fun plant is a great way to show off your personality and set your garden apart from others in the neighborhood.

Unique garden plants to consider

Voodoo Lily

This is a whacky looking flower. It has the features of a lily but magnetized. Think “Honey I blew up your lilac.” The flowers are quite large. The biggest drawback (unless you like this sort of thing) is that the flowers have a rather putrid smell, so if keeping pests at bay is your goal, plant away. They’re hard to grow, but much easier if you use a soaker hose.

White Alpine Strawberries

If you want a conversation starter and an edible plant, check out these fun strawberries. The white strawberry is actually sweeter than a regular strawberry and tastes a little like pineapple. The best part? They are super easy to grow. Try growing them in a hanging box (with partial sunlight) to keep animals at bay.

Korchia Balls 

Korchia Balls or Kochia scoparia also goes by burning bush or fireweed. The name comes from the spectacular fall color. It is prized as an ornamental annual. I am seriously tempted to get a house just so I can plant these in my yard. Kochia is an annual started from seed. I am buying . These bush plants are eye-catching in green, blue and outright gorgeous in hot pink. They rather resemble the Truffula Tree from Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax. They are low cost and are hardy, but they take up a little more space.

The Chicory Flower

This delicate flower is stunning. The petals fold over each other to create an almost braided look. Not only is this plant gorgeous to look at, but you can put the leaves on your salad. They need lots of sunlight to grow properly.

Parrot Tulips

If stunning and elegant are more your thing, you will fall in love with these flowers. The petals look like someone took different shades of red, yellow and blue paint and brushed it over the flower. These flowers have a sweet smell and work well in flowerbeds or boxes.

Allium Flowers

These flowers take on a Dr. Seussian feel, much like the Korchia Balls. The purple flowers have long stems and are known as the Truffula Flower because they resemble mini-Truffula trees. The flower portion consists of many tiny little flowers formed into a giant ball. The lilac color is very pretty.

Do you grow any unique garden plants in your garden? Share your photos in the comments.