Three Types of Edible Weeds

We’ve all dealt with those annoying weeds in our yards that just don’t seem to go away. Don’t be so quick to get rid of them though. Did you know that some weeds are edible? That’s right, the next time you’re pulling weeds out of your garden, you could be gathering up dinner ingredients instead. Take a look at three delicious weeds you can eat below.


dandelions edible weeds
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With its bright yellow color, dandelions are probably the most familiar lawn weed out of them all. While you can buy these from specialty food stores, it’s easier to pick them right from your backyard. Their flowers are all edible, although they do have a slightly bittersweet flavor. However, if you crave a sweet taste, we recommend harvesting the leaves once they appear in early spring and late fall. Don’t forget, dandelions are full of beta-carotene, so eat up!


Purslane edible weeds
Photo credit: Pellaea via photopin cc

These weeds are notoriously known for being tough to kill. Maybe that’s a good thing since the purslane is not only tasty but very nutritious too. With their rounded, tender leaves and reddish stems, they’re loaded with antioxidant vitamins like vitamins A and C. Purslane also contains plenty of healthy omega-3 fatty acids, making it a fantastic addition to any salads or sandwiches. Slightly steamed, add some butter and nutmeg when cooked, is a treat too. If you love spinach, we recommend giving this weed a try.


kudzu up close
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This kind of weed, which covers over 7 million acres throughout the Southern U.S., is used to create countless dishes. For starters, if you want to whip up an Asian inspired meal, you can steam or boil the roots until they’re soft and then add soy sauce or miso to it. You can also brew tea out of the leaves by chopping them up and boiling them for roughly 30 minutes. There are even some people who pickle the weed’s flowers or eat it as is. Most often, though, the weed is used to make jam and jellies.