10 Things You Should NOT Have In Your Garden

10 Things You Should Not Have in Your Garden

It takes a lot of work to cultivate a proper healthy garden. At times it seems easy and stress free, but other times it can become downright problematic. To avoid the pitfalls that can come with gardening, here are 10 things you should not have in your garden that will make life a lot easier. Keep this list on hand to make sure that you don’t run into such terribly annoying problems in your garden, and always remember that gardening is a learning process that changes with the times. Do your research and keep up with the new discoveries!

  • English Ivy

Some people will get a brilliant idea to plant something that will decorate their garden fence or nearby wall. But this plant will take over your entire space and then some. You will be working overtime trying to manage it. Plants such as kudzu will grow and spread out all over the place and choke out your real garden all together.

  • Purple Loosestrife

Although it may be a pretty plant to look at, it will dominate the garden and harm the other vegetation as well as the wildlife nearby. It is advised to dig it up and burn it if you have some in your garden.

  • Pigs

This may sound farfetched but this has happened in my own family. If you live near someone with pigs, and they happen to get out and come to your yard, not only will they destroy your garden, but they will also root up your entire lawn. Yes, this really happened.

  • Chemicals

It is not necessary to use strong chemicals in your garden. It’s best to always find a natural alternative to clear up your issues.

  • Weeds

Get rid of all weeds because they will take away the needed nutrients from your plants. That’s a no brainer, but some weeds look just as pretty as the flowers, so be careful.

  • Deer

Deer will feed on your garden without a care in the world, as well as your trees. Keep them out. There are multitudes of ways to protect your plants from deer, so do your research.

  • Rabbits

They look sweet, but they will feast on your green leafy vegetables. Try planting rabbit resistant plants to protect your garden from rabbits.

  • Moles

These creatures will burrow under your plants and uproot them, as well as eat them. Controlling moles can be a big problem. Here’s a great fact sheet on effective mole control.

  • Snails/Slugs

An infestation of these little creatures will destroy all your hard work. Learn what the eggs look like so you can be on top of the problem fast.

  • Mosquitoes

Having something feasting on your blood while you are in your garden is no fun at all. Eliminate them with natural pesticides or herbal remedies.


Photo Credit:  istockphoto.com

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