How to Thin Your Mandarin Tree

Mandarin Tree

Mandarins are one of our favorite fruits to snack on, and while we enjoy planting them in our own backyard, this can be a tedious process. That’s because the weight of the fruit often brings down their trees, causing branches to break off. In fact, mandarin trees have even completely collapsed in the past thanks to this alone. To solve this problem, gardeners must thin out these trees. Find out how below:

Step 1: Learn the tree’s variety. Since there are two different types of mandarin trees, know which one you’re dealing with ahead of time. For starters, there are imperials, which have their fruit hanging mostly inside the tree, far away from the sun. Then, there are the Murcotts, known for their thorns and hard fruit located out in the sun. Keep in mind that each one should be thinned differently, so the more you know, the better you can handle this issue.

Step 2: Thin the top of the tree. To properly remove mandarins that are growing from the top of your tree, you must reach the inside of it with your picking ladder. Just hook it over any branches in the way and you’re set. Then, begin plucking off all the small and damaged fruit located way up in the tree. As simple as that sounds, this will take a huge weight off of the branches, ensuring that your tree stays in tact.

Step 3: Thin the inside of the tree. Not only do you have to thin the top of the tree, but the inside of it as well. To do this, climb up onto the branches, so that you can see all the fruits that are out of sight or too far to reach from the ground. Like you did in step two, remove the mandarins that are only holding your tree down and leave the ones that are large and healthy as is.

Step 4: Look over your workWhen you’re all done thinning out your mandarin tree, check and double check the area. You want to make sure that the tree not only looks lighter, but even too. We recommend taking one last walk about the tree, examining it from different distances and angles.

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