Start A Community Garden In Your Neighborhood

Community Garden

There are several reasons why people may want to start a community garden. There may not be ample space to have their own private garden, the community may need a good food supply, or you just want to beautify the neighborhood. Whatever the reason is, it is a good idea to do it. Many inner city communities choose to create one and it usually has a positive outcome.  There is always one place where you will find children, the elderly and the middle-aged all getting along, and that is the community garden. Sounds good, huh? Here is how to start a community garden in your neighborhood.

Get started

Seek out people who are like minded and you will have an amazing garden. Put up signs and call a meeting to see who would be interested in such a project. Get people involved who have the knowledge and knowhow of keeping a garden looking healthy and vital, because these will be the people who will help the garden to grow and thrive for years to come.

Find space

The proper space to create this garden is very important. Do your research and see if anyone would be willing to donate or lease a piece of land. You can even seek out sponsors for the project, create a fund raiser, or the community can all pitch in a donation to get it funded.  It may be required that you attain some liability insurance. Be prepared for unexpected costs.

Garden design

Discuss how you would like the garden to look. Will you include flowers? What type of vegetables will you plant? Will there be a place for children, or will it just be mainly a place to grow fresh veggies?  Decide where everything will be planted so no plants are blocked from the sun. Keep it simple and organized. Some community gardens will have benches for people to sit and relax in the garden; however you want things to be, make it known so everyone will be on the same page.

Create a work schedule

Everyone may not be able to come and work in the garden every day, so plan a schedule that will allow for people to work when it is more convenient for them. Make sure that the garden is provided for as much as possible.

Share the Harvest

When it is time to harvest the vegetables, this is a wonderful time to call everyone together who is in need of fresh vegetables. Nothing will go to waste and everyone will get their fair share. If possible, share some with a homeless or a nonprofit organization. They will be glad you did.


Most importantly, enjoy the garden and allow it to become the heart of the community, and discover how happy the community will become while participating in something so special.

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Are you thinking of starting a community garden?


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