Six Tips to Caring For Dying Plants

potted plantsAs we all know by now, living things must die. But what do you do when your plant is going before its time?  Well, we have put together a list of tips for keeping your plants from dying off, while also breathing a fresh new life into them. Check them out below:


– Water

– Pruning Scissors/Nail Clippers

– Large Pot

– Soil

– Fertilizer

1. Give your plants plenty of water. This is the most important key to making sure plants stay alive. That’s because when you don’t give them enough water, their roots tend to dry out, killing them in the process. However, do not over-water them either. This could create a whole slew of problems, that you would probably like to avoid all together.

2. Remove any dry leaves. Using pruning scissors, or even nail clippers, chop off every dry leaf you come across. This helps encourage new growth to take place.

3. Switch your plants into larger pots. Often times, the plant’s roots become intertwined. When this happens, your plants stop growing. To prevent this altogether, try transplanting your plants into bigger pots once they start branching out.

4. Leave your plants in a sunny area. Like with any part of nature, plants need the sun to survive. After all, that’s how they receive their nutrients. The windowsill is usually a great spot for this.

5. Refresh your plants’ soil. Every now and then, the soil may become too moldy or dry. If this is the case, take out the old soil and replace it with a new one.

6. Add fertilizer to your plants. To help get your plants to start growing again, spread some fertilizer over them. Always check to make sure that the fertilizer is safe for your plants before using it, though.

While these are all crucial tips to caring for dying plants, there is one more point to keep in mind. Under no circumstances, should you place two plants in the same plot. While this may seem like a great idea, it actually causes the roots to intertwine, which in turn kills both plants.

Even when it seems impossible to save your plants from death, there are solutions.

Photo Credit:  Thinkstock


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