Creating Serenity In Your Sitting Garden

Sitting Garden

Whether you already have an existing garden to add a sitting area to, or intend to create both all at once, the inclusion of a sitting area amongst your garden setting can offer a remarkable place to un-wind and relax. This is a relatively easy thing to do and the extent of things you choose to add to your sitting area are entirely up to your own personal preferences. The act of adding a sitting area to your garden can work for all sorts of settings. I’ve seen sitting gardens become a beautiful inclusion to roof-top gardens, back-porch gardens, balcony gardens, and of course the traditional back-yard garden.

What Makes a Great Sitting Garden?

The most basic sitting garden requires only a small clearing to place the bench of your choice. This offers the most simple of concepts, a quiet place for you to sit amongst your garden. If your surroundings are able to, you may strategically set your bench up under a lovely tree that provides you with plenty of shade. You might even consider hanging a swinging bench from one of the trees sturdy limbs. Many people believe having a few wind chimes ideal and something they simply could not do without. For others, things get much more intricate and involve creating a space that provides them with a place for very personal introspection.

Creating the Sitting Garden that Accommodates Personal Serenity

A garden can include many things. Some people seed their garden to grow the fruits and vegetables they desire. Others might opt for a much more simple undertaking in that of an herb garden. Others still, choose to engage in creating a setting that exudes beauty. Planting plenty of perennials to offer blooms throughout the majority of the year. Some even round out their garden with koi ponds and bird baths to attract specific wildlife. An individual’s personal purpose in what they create to surround them, for some, is to have a place to un-wind and relax. Others have much more specific ideals. Some people spend minutes or even hours in meditation, reaching a state of serenity and peacefulness with their surroundings and themselves. Some people engage in the practice of yoga and others just enjoy the view that they’ve created as they sit in their garden.

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