Keeping Your Potted Plants Healthy

clay pots
Photo by Annie Spratt

Potted plants can be both a blessing and curse depending on their care. On one hand, it’s very easy to care for your potted plants. They can be moved at any time or rearranged. Potted plants can be placed outside or kept inside depending on your preference. So, how do you go about making sure they stay healthy? There are a couple of ways to keep your potted plants healthy and thriving.

Pots that Allow for Water Drainage

Excess water needs to be able to drain out of the pots you keep your plants in. If the pot is completely closed off, then the water can’t drain out. This can cause plants to drown, or even have their roots rot. Most pots have a hole in the bottom to allow for excess water to get out. Placing an inch or two of pebbles in a closed pot can allow the water to drain properly out of your plant. Not only does it keep your plant healthy, but it prevents the roots from rotting away due to the excess water being kept inside.

Pots that Are Big Enough for Plant Growth

The proper sized pot can do wonders for your potted plants. If plants don’t have adequate room to grow, then they grow sickly and stunted. Be sure to research ahead of time the proper amount of space when it comes to making sure your plants have enough space. Vegetable plants especially need plenty of space. If you’re unsure of finding a pot big enough, try using a bucket. Buckets come in all different shapes and sizes. Buckets are also a great alternative for plants like vegetable plants that require a lot of space and soil to grow properly.

Fertilizer or Plant Food

Good soil is an excellent blessing for potted plants. However, the downside is that your plants can’t expand into the open soil for more nutrients. Be sure to invest in some plant food if you’re keeping potted plants long term. When your plants suck out all of the nutrients from the soil, they can taper off and die from not receiving enough nutrients. Be sure to give your potted plants a good dose of plant food or some fertilizer so they can receive the nutrients they need regularly. Check to see how often your potted plant needs plant food, so you don’t overfeed it either.

Adequate Sunlight

Plants need proper sunlight. Potted plants especially need a good dose of it to stay healthy. Are your plants inside or outside plants? Inside plants can tend to become a little “leggy” as it were if kept indoors. Be sure to have your potted plants in a place where they get enough sunlight to grow properly. Turning their pots around every couple of days also helps potted plants to grow evenly.