Planting A Garden With Limited Space

small garden

Gardening is a great tool for self-sufficiency. You can grow vegetables and herbs as well as medicinal plants. If you live in an apartment or have very little yard to speak of, you may feel like you do not have the space to create a garden. This is not true! If you have any outdoor space or bright areas in your home, you can create your own garden. There are a few ways you can maximize what little space you do have.

Planting a small garden

Know how much space you need: You can grow a healthy tomato plant in a 2-foot square bed. Nearly everyone has 2-feet of space somewhere, and you could save a little cash at the grocery store. If you have three feet, you can grow one tomato plant and three basil plants together. If you can manage to snag four feet, you can plant a single tomato plant, add three basil plants, and put a row of chives behind the basil, plus one cucumber vine.

Use a pot: If you do not have space for planter box, consider a large flowerpot! You can use these pots on a balcony or even outside your door. Make sure you grab a larger pot that is about 18 to 20 inches tall and wide. Veggies and herbs grow great in a pot. Make sure to use purchased mix because you need a lighter soil inside of pots.

Try citrus trees: You can purchase dwarf versions of many citrus trees. These trees will fit into terra cotta pots easily. These plants will look beautiful and you can usually get quite a bit of fruit from them. Line them up on a balcony or outside of your door and get a decorative and fruitful element.

Create a window box: If you have no outdoor space, window boxes are a great option. You can grow herbs and strawberries in a small window box. If you plant strawberries, consider Alpine strawberries, as they are smaller and not likely to spread quite as quickly. For best results, use multipurpose potting mix and slow-release granular fertilizer. You should only have to split the plants every three years.

Grow a hanging tomato plant: Hanging tomato plants are a great way to take advantage of mostly unused space, plus you will keep most bugs away. You can use a five-gallon bucket or a hanging basket with a hold cut into the bottom of the frame. For smaller baskets, you will need to use a smaller tomato plant. You will need to plant the tomato plant upside down so the roots are not hanging down all over the place.

Growing a garden in a small space takes a little creativity, but you can reap the benefits of having your own fresh fruits and veggies readily available.

Have you ever planted a small garden because of limited space?

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