Ornamental Grasses – Which Ones to Choose

Ornamental Grass

I can’t begin to tell you how many ornamental grasses there are in the world because there are so many. What they can add to your garden will tantalize the mind body and spirit. Having grasses that move and dance about with all kinds of textures, colors, and shapes is so breathtaking to behold. Nature really does provide everything we need to survive this journey on earth, even natural entertainment. Finding the right one to fit your needs is the dilemma. Ornamental grasses-which ones to choose? Which ones will fit your personality and style and give your yard the added nuance?

What is Ornamental Grass?

These grasses are grown for decoration for landscape and décor for the yard and gardens. They come in a variety of classifications such as true grass known as Poaceae, sedges known as Cyperaceae, rushes known as Juncaceae, restios known as Restionaceae, and cat-tails known as Typhaceae. These groups are monocotyledons which have parallel veins and narrow leaves, and some are herbaceous perennials and evergreen.  Each of these groups break off into a multitude of ornamental grasses and the list is endless. That is why it is hard to pick just one.

You may have seen these grasses on beaches, in landscapes for businesses, and high end homes. They make the grounds look inviting and manicured. The cat-tails are the ones that may stick out in your mind the most.

What do you need?

Decide for yourself what purpose you want the grass to serve. Do you want something that grows tall and bushy to give balance to your yard? Are you looking for motion and a soothing sound as it blows in the wind? Determined the shape and size you want for your special project, and soon you will have some idea of where to start.

Some grasses will grow tall and straight up and others will bend and sway in the wind. Some may have blooms, stalks, or fuzz that you may be able to use as décor inside your home. They can grow in big clumps and some will spread out wide. Be sure that you study the grasses before you buy one so you will know what to expect. You don’t want to make new homes for annoying pests that would cause even more problems for your garden.

Seasons do matter

There are cool season grasses as well as warm season grasses. Cool season grasses may be the most attractive, but warm season grasses can handle the droughts and heat. Determined which grasses will do well in your zone and go from there.

Prepare yourself for the massive list of ornamental grasses and try to enjoy the process. Once you make your choice, the special touch of the grass will bring your garden alive with action and style. It will be well worth all the research and preparation.

Photo Credit:  istockphoto.com



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