Natural Ways to Kill Weeds

Kill WeedsIt doesn’t matter how gorgeous your garden, yard grass or landscaping is, weeds can detract from that beauty in an instant. Weeds are the bane of every dedicated gardener, and keeping them at bay is often a non-stop chore that is difficult to keep up with. Gardeners spend a great deal of money on expensive chemical herbicides without realizing there are numerous “natural” ways to eliminate those pesky recurring weeds. Without knowing it, you most likely already have many of the following natural weed killer ingredients right in your home at this very moment.

  • Boiling Water — Pouring boiling water directly on weeds will definitely kill them, but apply some caution here — be extra careful not to scald any of the flowers, plants or grass you are growing. Results may not be immediate on some of your more stubborn weeds, but give it a few days and watch them wither.
  • Soap — Weeds hate soapy water! Simply combine five tablespoons of dishwashing liquid to four cups of water in a spray bottle and squirt those wicked weeds to their death.
  • Vinegar — Applying vinegar to any weeds that have a taproot, such as the dreaded dandelion, is extremely effective. Either coat them with the remaining juice from a jar of finished pickles, or create a mixture of equal parts of vinegar and water. Either version will see your weeds dead in 72 hours.
  • Salt — Rock salt is an excellent natural weed killer — but it will also destroy anything that grows, so it’s not recommended to be used in a garden. This method is best used for lawn edgings, gravel pathways or for weeds that pop up in sidewalk or driveway cracks. Because it is so powerful, one application of rock salt will probably stop weeds from growing in these places for an entire season.
  • Alcohol — Treat your weeds with a spray bottle mixed with four cups of water and one ounce of alcohol and watch them die. But use a light touch — if you overspray you risk damaging any surrounding foliage you want to keep.

The old adage that in nature only the strongest survive is very true when referring to weeds. They are a tough, resilient and a natural, ever-present enemy to any garden. But they can be controlled, and by using these natural weed killers, you are not only saving money on herbicides, but are protecting the environment from their harmful effects as well.

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  1. My father has tried both vinegar and alcohol. Both worked on the weeds, but the alcohol made the grass around it yellow. Definitely would recommend trying the vinegar in a spray bottle.

  2. These are great tips that I didn’t know before! I’ll have to try it out around my house and see what the results are.


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