6 Incredible Multipurpose Gardening Tools

Gardening tools are great when they can help you get the job done faster and easier, but they are even better if they can be used for more than one task. It will save you time and money to purchase multipurpose gardening tools in the long run, because no one wants to lug around a lot of extra stuff if they don’t have to. I have searched for some interesting tools that will fit the bill, and I think that you will be delighted. Try reaching for some of these babies on your next gardening job. I know I will.
multipurpose gardening tools

Fiskars Multipurpose Planting Tool

It is four tools in one. It can slice, dig, carve, and transplant. Use it to remove weeds, plant things, manage sod, and dig in the dirt — everything you need when it is time to get your garden in shape.

5 in 1 Multitool Strimmer Trimmer Brush Cutter, Hedge Trimmer Chainsaw

If you are getting ready to do some serious yard work, this tool comes with multiple blades that will cut bushes, trim hedges, cut branches, and tall grass.

Florist Gardener Razor Sharp Multi-Tool Pruning Shears

Not only can you use these to prune your garden, but it has two knives, a mini saw, bottle opener, and a corkscrew just in case you want to have a bottle of wine while you work not that we suggest it!

Apollo Tools Bucket Organizer

You will need something to put those tools in and carry around other needed materials. This organizer has 34 pockets and will fit around your 5 gallon bucket to help you manage all your stuff. You could use it to carry your seeds, water bottles and phone.

10 pcs multipurpose garden tools

If you are a neat freak and want your tools to be uniform and compact, try this handy creation. It is a carrying case that includes a rake, 2 trowels, pruner sheers, spray bottle, weeder, grass shears, twist tie dispenser, and gloves. All nicely put together.

RBZ-034 Multi-purpose garden tools shovel

This clever shovel also has a pickaxe, a bottle opener, saw blade edge, and a compass. It all folds up in a sturdy little bag. These are great to have for any garden and it won’t take up much space.


Take good care of your tools and keep them in a safe place so you don’t hurt yourself or anyone else. Use them wisely and always keep them clean and pristine. Look out for the sharp edges and unexpected steps that may cause you to slip and fall with your tool. Be safe and use caution when using electrical or inflammatory tools.

Photo Credit:  istockphoto.com


What are some of your favorite multipurpose gardening tools?


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