The Right Way To Transport Plants

move plantsSay you’re getting ready to move. It’s going to be a huge change, and you’ve decided to bring along your leafy family members to join you in your new home. Perfect! How in the world are you going to move your plants though? Is there even a way to do it properly? If plants are not transported properly, they can become sickly and die. So here is how to move plants so they survive the move.


The conditions when it comes to moving your plants can sometimes be helped. Are they being moved by a van? What kind of weather will they be facing? What is the temperature going to be like? Be sure to know all of these ahead of time before even getting your plants ready for the move.

One thing you may want to do is to put a bug strip around your plants when you’re getting ready to move them. Parasites will attack your plants when they’re at their weakest. A bug strip can help protect your plants until the move is done. It will also prevent parasites from establishing themselves long enough until you can get your plants settled in their new home.


Pruning sounds so ugly, but it’s necessary to help your plants survive. Be sure to cut off excess foliage and leaves before transporting your plants. Not only will this make it easier on your plants when transporting them, but it will help them to deal with less shock. Be sure to cut back roots before transferring the bottom of your plants into a plastic bag. It may seem sad, but your plants will grow back when transplanted into their new home.


Plunging your plants into complete darkness for a few days can send them into shock. Prepare your plants ahead of time by bringing them inside and closing a window or pulling the curtains shut during the daytime two weeks before the big move. This will help your plants to adjust to the dark, and keep them from going into shock. So by the time, it comes for them to be put in the van they won’t start to die off due to the lack of sunlight.


Overwatering and dampness are your plant’s worst enemy. Be sure only to water your plants a day or two ahead of time. Plastic bags are a good way to retain moisture so your plants don’t dry out. However, you also don’t want your plants to become too dry during the move. Resist from watering them on the day of the move. Your plants will be just fine and be sure to water them after you’ve transplanted them into their new soil.

Trying to move plants can be a bit of a hassle. Be sure to do some research ahead of time to find out the best conditions to transport your plants. The time of year you’re transporting your plants can also have a huge effect on their health as well.


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