Make A Great Garden Container Out Of Anything!

Garden Containers

I like being different, so my garden has to reflect my creativity and style. If you are looking for a special way to make your garden pop, use something in your garden that would be totally out of the ordinary. I have discovered that you can make a garden container out of almost anything as long as it has good drainage. Even if it doesn’t have drainage, you can add one by putting holes in the bottom. Don’t believe us? Here is a list of some unusual items that would make great garden containers.

An old bike

If you have an old bicycle that has a basket on it, you can turn it into a unique display. You can fill the basket with a lining if necessary and plant flowers or herbs in it.

Old toys

How about putting some of those old toys to better use? Take a toy truck and turn it into a cute little planter, or do something fun with the doll house.


Would you happen to have an old commode hanging around? Well it would make a wonderful garden container, especially since it has a built-in drainage system. Even an old sink would do just as well. You could create a crazy bathroom display outside and freak out the neighbors.

Baby stroller

Do you have a baby stroller that is taking up space in your house? Turn it into a sweet planter and enjoy it all year long.

Old shoes

We all have plenty of these around the house. Why not create little planters with them? You could line them up along the walkway.

Old car

If you want to go big and happen to have an old rusty car in your yard, you could have one of the most magnificent garden displays ever created. Things could be growing out of the every orifice of that thing.


Ever wondered what to do with that old chair or couch that you don’t want any more? Plant some veggies in it such as potatoes, get it?


Now you can keep that old ugly dresser and turn it into a vital garden display. Each drawer can hold different plants.

Old dishes

Pots and pans can easily make a cute planter, as well as tea pots, colanders, crock pots, and other kitchen wear and appliances.


I just saw this planter made from a bra that was so amazing. OMG! You can do anything. I assume that it had some kind of lining holding it all together.

Shoe Rack

With all the compartments in a canvas shoe rack, you could grow an herb garden and all kinds of things. The canvas will allow the water to drain properly.

I can’t wait to try some of these ideas myself. How about you?

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Will you give some of these creative garden container ideas a try?


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