Save Money And Make Fertilizer At Home!

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When it comes to your plants, you want the best for them. Just like people, plants need constant care, attention, and good food to grow. Buying the expensive fertilizer from the store can put a big dent in your wallet. It can also quickly become pricey the more plants you have. So, is there a way to make fertilizer at home for your plants? Well, we have the answer right here for you! All you’re going to need is a bucket to start this all off and be on your way to making your fertilizer.


After eating breakfast, save your eggshells! The reason you want to do this is because eggshells are high in calcium and potassium. Once you have a dozen eggshells, set them out where the sun will hit them. Allow the sun to dry them for at least a week before you throw them into your bucket.

Weeds and Grass Clippings

Do you mow the lawn regularly? Do you pull the weeds out when they’re proving to be especially stubborn? Well, in that case, save those clippings and the weeds. Toss all of them into your bucket. The reason is those clippings will help to make your fertilizer, providing your plants with plenty of nutrients in order to grow. It’s already a lot of hard work having to pull weeds out of your garden if you don’t want to use any chemicals to get rid of them. Placing your grass clippings in your bucket will also help to recycle the plant matter cutting down on waste. You already do so much to care for your lawn. You might as well take what you can back from it.

Add Water and Wait

After your bucket is about half full with grass clippings, weeds, and eggshells fill your bucket to the brim with water. Stir this mixture twice a week for three weeks. This will make a sort of “tea” for your garden. Once the three weeks are up, get another bucket of the same size. Be sure to only fill the second bucket up 1/10 of the way with your fertilizer. After that, fill the rest of the second bucket up with water. Mix the fertilizer tea with the water in the second bucket, and then spread it over the dirt where your plants are. After this, repeat over the following weeks to continue to give your plants fertilizer until it’s all gone.

This is perhaps one of the best ways to make fertilizer for your plants. It’s simple, effective, and above all cheap. It will also help to feed your plants and make sure they’re getting the nutrients they need. You can also add more fertilizer in the second bucket if you wish to give your plants a bigger dose of food if you want to. We hope this helps you on your future gardening adventures!


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