EASY: Make Your Own Compost Heap

Compost Heap

A compost heap is a must have for anyone who has a large garden. Not only does it provide nutrients for your plants, but it also serves as a fertilizer. So, where do you start? Well, to make things a little easier we’re going to start out simple. All you need is a bare spot in your garden where you don’t mind tossing in some old plant clippings, cast offs of plants, and other things. Let’s get started, shall we?

Place all Plant Clippings In One Spot

You just toss all of your plant clippings into one spot. This can also include the skins of bananas, and even eggshells which can help provide nutrients for future plants. The reason for this is because as the plants start to rot, they are putting their nutrients back into the soil. Be careful, as sometimes compost heaps can be a bit smelly from all the dead plant matter you’re adding to it. On the other hand, it provides a cheap means for plant food. It’s also eco-friendly since you’re cutting down on garbage by tossing old plants onto the compost pile.

Don’t Be Shy When it Comes to Worms

Worms are your friends. You’re going to want to add worms to your compost heap in order to turn it into soil even faster. The reason for this is because worms eat dead plant matter. As the plants are rotting, worms can help break it down even faster. This helps to turn your compost heap into nutritious soil for your other plants. It may seem kind of gross at first, but trust us. Worms are the way to go here. They’ll help you get your compost heap into shape in no time.

If You Don’t Want a Mess, You Can Have it In a Container

Don’t like the sight of your compost heap? Good news is you can store it in a plastic container. Just make sure the compost heap is in a relatively cool, shady area of your garden. This is so any worms you add to it don’t get fried from the sun. It also helps to make sure the compost heap is slightly damp by adding some water from time to time in order to allow the plant matter to rot. Be sure to leave the lid open in order to allow air to circulate.

It’s not hard to make a compost heap. It’s probably one of the easiest ways to start making instant fertilizer for your plants. Not only will your plants have food available when you need to give it to them, but you’re also recycling. A compost heap can also be comprised of weeds or any other plants you happen to pull out of your garden — further recycling any nutrients your plants have pulled from the soil and being put back to enrich it. We hope you use your compost heap to have a strong, green garden!


Photo Credit: istockphoto.com

Will you make your own compost heap?


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