How to Create a Low Maintenance Garden

Low Maintenance Garden

Nowadays, many people prefer to just pick out their produce from a local market or fruit stand. They find this much easier than having to slave over a garden all spring and summer long. However, this is definitely a misconception. Gardening doesn’t have to be looked at as a hassle. In fact, it is very possible to create a low maintenance garden, allowing you time to do other enjoyable activities.

Learn how to create a low maintenance garden

Tip One: Think About the Size of Your Garden

  • It’s important to remember that the size of your garden plays a direct role on how much work needs to be done.  In other words, small gardens are much more manageable than larger ones.  That’s because when a garden is large, there is a lot of different things to take care of. From weed and pest control to harvesting, this can be very time consuming.  That’s why your best bet is planting a container garden. When you do this, you shorten the time needed to water since the container can only hold so much liquid. Plus, container gardens are much more controlled which helps with dealing with weeds. Container gardens can even be placed indoors or outside.

Tip Two: Start Off on the Right Foot

  • If you give your garden exactly what it needs to grow from the very beginning, you will only be setting yourself up for success. By placing your garden in an ideal spot and providing it with the right growing conditions it needs to thrive, you will be left with the strong garden you’ve always dreamed of. Even if it feels like you’re putting out a lot of effort, you will only be rewarded for it in the end.

Tip Three: Get Rid of the Need For Weeding

  • To eliminate the need to weed, you should pull any weeds you see regularly. This may sound like more work for you, but it really isn’t.  It’s actually much easier for you to pluck a few small weeds here and there than have to take on a whole jungle of weeds, which will happen if you wait to long to weed.  Also, mulching the beds of your garden with some kind of material like hay or newspaper will also help prevent weeds from growing in your plants.


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