What to Look For When Hiring a Gardener

gardenerWe all want a healthy, perfect looking garden, but sometimes we don’t have the time and energy to maintain one. Whether we are too busy working our jobs or raising our kids, it just isn’t possible to fully commit ourselves to such a big project. That’s why, in these cases, it is so crucial to hire a skilled gardener. While there are a lot of people out there offering their services, only a few are actually qualified to work your backyard. Check out our tips below for hiring a gardener:

1. Figure out exactly what you want done to you garden. Before you hire anyone, you need to have an idea of what kind of services you want performed. For instance, will your lawn need pest control treatment? What about weed elimination? Maybe you just want some general upkeep? Once you know what types of maintenance you want done, look for a gardener knowledgeable in that particular area of lawn care.

2. Know if you want to hire one single gardener or a whole staff. Many people find it more beneficial to hire multiple gardeners and lawn workers, especially if they have a lot of land to cover. While this may be more expensive than choosing just one person to run your garden, it could lead to better results.

3. Contact your local nursery. A garden center might be able to recommend some gardeners in your area who their customers had success with and who are experienced in the kinds of lawn care services you desire.

4. Interview your potential gardener. The way you would interview candidates for a job, you should interview potential gardeners first before hiring anyone. This lets you learn a little more about who you’re getting involved with. Ask to see photographs of their previous work, so you can decide who is right for you. Also, request a few references. You can learn about the way they do business from their former customers. These past clients can not only fill you in on their services, but their overall work ethic as well.

5. Take a look at their qualifications. Request that your gardener show you any landscaping contracting licenses or specialty registrations that he or she may have. This lets you know that you’re working with the real deal and that this worker has the experience to back up what’s being said

 Photo Credit:  Thinkstock