How to Remove Sod From Your Garden

stacks of sod grassWhen you’re first preparing a new garden bed, it’s important to properly remove any sod that may be left behind.  Keep in mind, though, whichever way you choose to do this should typically depend on when you want to start planting and how much time you plan on dedicating to this project. However,  we put together steps to our favorite method to remove sod from your garden and listed it below. Take a look:

1. Thoroughly water the area

  • A couple of days before you start working on your garden, completely water down the area that you want to dig out. That’s because soil that’s super moist will be much easier to dig in the long run.  Be careful, though, you don’t want the soil to be too soggy because that will not only end up leaving the soil too heavy to shovel, but also make it difficult for your plants to grow to their full potential.

2. Grab your spade and divide the sod into strips

  • Pick up your spade, or edger if you have one of those, and begin cutting 1-foot-wide parallel strips into the sod. Then, start cutting 1-foot-wide parallel strips that run perpendicular to those cuts you just made. When you’re done with that, you should be left with square sod cutouts that are reminiscent of a checkerboard. However, if you want, you can completely pass over this step and instead roll up your previous strips after they’re dug up by the roots, as you would a carpet.

3. Remove the sod squares

  • With that same spade or pitchfork, pry up the sod squares you just created. Be prepared, though, you may have to cut through any taproots growing, as well as remove the grass’ fibrous roots in the process. Keep repeating this step over and over again until the soil bed is completely cleared out.

4. Destroy large piles of soil

  • After you’ve taken care of all the sod that built up in your garden bed, you may notice that you’re left with huge clumps of soil. If that’s the case, take your handy spade or pitchfork and start breaking up these lumps.

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