How to Prepare a Hanging Basket

hanging basket

Hanging baskets are a great way to show off your favorite plants around the house. Whether you place them in a spot indoors or outside, they truly do brighten up their surroundings. Did you know, though, that you don’t have to hit up your local nursery the next time you want to buy one? That’s right, with a few supplies, you can put together a hanging basket of your own. Check out to prepare a hanging basket below:


– Hanging Basket

– Sphagnum Moss

– Soil

– Slow-release fertilizer

– Watering Can

Step 1: Choose a basket. As simple as this sounds, picking a basket is one of the most important steps when it comes to hanging baskets. After all, it’s not just the plants that will be drawing in everyone’s attention. There are so many different varieties on the market, so select a basket that you feel best compliments the type of plant you’ll grow inside it. Also, keep in mind that the plant will likely continue growing well after you hang it up, so buy a basket big enough to handle this kind of change. Typically, they are made out of solid plastic, ceramic, or plastic mesh.

Step 2: Line the basket with sphagnum moss. In order to keep the soil in place and retain water, fill the basket with some type of liner. We recommend using sphagnum moss, especially if your basket is wire based. That’s because, time after time, it shows the best results.  Besides all the practical reasons that come with using a liner, they give the basket a neater, more put together look.

Step 3: Select a soil and plant that can adapt well to a hanging basket. Some soil and plants just aren’t cut out for this type of environment, so do your research ahead of time. When you finally decide on a quality soil, mix it with a slow-release fertilizer. Then, you can fill it into the basket. As far as the plant goes, pick one that is flowering or close to flowering. Geraniums, Pansies and Fushias generally work well for this.

Step 4: Use care when hanging your basket. When you’re done preparing your hanging basket, you will notice that it’s super heavy. Make sure that whatever hooks are attached to the basket are strong, because it will only weigh more each time you water it. Obviously, you don’t want your basket to break. Once you’ve settled on a good spot, grab a watering can and sprinkle your plants daily.

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