How To Make a Watering Can Out of a Plastic Bottle in 4 Steps

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Sometimes watering cans can be expensive and completely out of your budget. Thankfully, there are some quick and easy DIY solutions to this issue. Find out how you can make a watering can out of an ordinary plastic bottle.


– Large plastic bottle with tight cap
– Pliers
– Candle and match
– Finishing nail
– Permanent marker
– Knife

What To Do

1. Clean out the water bottle

Wash the inside of it well with soapy water, and then leave it to soak overnight. At some point during the next day, you should rinse out the soapy water and remove the label. This will clear out any dirt or bacteria that was trapped inside the bottle.

2. Figure out how far apart the holes should be

There should be roughly 25 of these holes, all covering the top section of the bottle. We recommend puncturing 5 holes horizontally and 5 holes vertically, with the rest, placed evenly within these lines. However, you don’t want the holes to be too close or far apart from one another, so pierce them 1 inch down from the bottle cap.

3. Create holes in the bottle

Grab your pair of pliers and hold the finishing nail’s pointy tip over a candle’s fire for 20 seconds. This will make it easier for you to spike the bottle. Then, push the nail into the spot where you want to form the hole. Remember to heat the nail before every hole you make.

4. Fill the bottle with water

On the opposite side of the holes, draw a “U” shape in permanent marker with a horizontal line on top. This figure should be half the size of the hole pattern. When you’re done with that, pick up your knife and cut the shape out. You’ll pour the water out of there. Lastly, fill up the bottle until the water level reaches a half an inch to 1 inch below the bottom holes.

Once you’re done with this, you’re all set to begin watering your plants. Keep in mind, though, that you need to tilt the bottle horizontally, with the holes facing downwards, for the bottle to act as a watering can.


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