Amazing Herbs Garden Pests Just Hate

herbs garden pests

As the days start to warm up the garden bugs start to come out. It can be annoying when you go out to your yard only to find pesky garden pests have been at it again bothering your poor plants. While the following plants on this list will not completely eliminate those pests, they will help to drive them off. So here are a couple of plants you may want to add to your garden this year.


Not only is this an excellent herb you can use, but it can even be called the “Batman” of plants. Oregano is a bit of a super herb when it comes to garden pests. It drives away mosquitoes, cabbage butterflies, cucumber beetles, and that’s just a few of the insects it can drive off. Oregano cannot drive away aphides, and is very susceptible to them. Just make sure when you plant your oregano that it’s near some chives, garlic, or onions — those will drive away those nasty aphids.


Another awesome herb you can not only use to drive away the pests, but can actually use to help your tomatoes to be more flavorful when planted near them. Thrips, mosquitoes, and flies to do not enjoy the scent of this plant at all. Sadly, just like oregano, basil has a weakness when it comes to aphids. Be sure to plant basil by your tomatoes, but also next to onions or garlic to protect it.


Who knew herbs had so many superpowers? Chives make an excellent addition not only to delicious recipes, but also to your garden. They drive away nematodes, ants, aphids, and even fleas. So if you have a couple of pets around these, plants serve you in another way as well. Chives are actually part of the onion family. Another amazing thing chives do is to help defend rose bushes against blackspot.


It smells nice, and you can use it for tea! Mint drives away fleas, cabbage moths, ants, and flies. If you’re going to look into using mint to drive away more of the flying insects it’s recommended you put it in a pot. Just place mint near any plants you want to protect and you should be set.


This herb is enemies to white flies and cabbage moths. Thyme also happens to have a secondary, medicinal quality to it. The oil from this plant, called thyme oil, can actually help people. Anyone with digestive problems or respiratory problems will find this plant to be a huge help to them. It is also a great way to add flavor to more dishes.

As you can see, many herbs have multiple qualities to them. Not only will they help to protect other plants, but they will also provide you with fresh herbs whenever you need them. Another amazing thing about these plants is how they have secondary and even triple ways of using them. They can drive of ants, flies, mosquitoes, and even fleas for your four legged companions. So be sure to take into consideration of planting these herbs this season.

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