Vegetables That Thrive in Shady Locations

growing vegetables shade

Vegetables help you save on your grocery bill. When you grow some of your own, you know exactly where they’re coming from. You get to control what goes into the soil, what your plants eat, and make sure nothing bad gets into them. Some of us are not as lucky to have a place that receives a lot of direct sun. So, is growing vegetables when you live in a shady location? The answer is: YES!

Salad Greens

We know you’ve been bringing this one up a lot, but salad greens are seriously amazing. Cress, leaf lettuce, kale, and even spinach do remarkably well in shady locations. They may not grow quite as big as you would expect, but you can still get a good crop from them. If you just pick the outer leaves of these salad greens, rinse them off, and then eat them the plants themselves will last a while. So if you’re pressed for sunlight, just pop a few of these guys in the ground.


Pea plants may take a few days to sprout, but they do grow very fast. It’s a creeping vine plant that will require a trellis. Even so, the plant itself is very versatile. Pea plants actually do relatively well in partially shaded locations. If they get to much sun their leaves can actually burn. Pea plants even do very well in cool weather. So if it gets a bit nippy where you live, you can plant peas for a decent harvest.


Do you love broccoli? It’s packed with a bunch of nutrients that’s great for your body. Broccoli can also grow to become quite big depending on when you decide to harvest it. Even if you don’t want to eat it right away, you can always cut it up and store in the freezer for later. Broccoli tastes just as delicious fresh as it does when you freeze it.


One of the plants that grow in the ground is on this list too! Radishes may have a strong flavor, but they’re great for your health. All you will need is to have a lot of open space to grow these radishes. Once they have some space to grow, warm soil, and given some time. They’ll soon be growing by the bushel and you can even add them to your salad. If not, radishes are excellent for spicing up dishes you want to give a little more flavor.

Don’t let the fact you live in a shady location stop you from growing a vegetable garden! Even if you end up just growing a few vegetables in pots, you will be shocked what you can get. You may have to get a little creative when it comes to your garden. However, a shaded location can actually serve your crops quite a bit. They won’t bolt when it comes to hot weather, like spinach and lettuce do. Partial shade also means their soil retains their moisture longer. Happy gardening!


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