Growing Impressive Spaghetti Squash

growing spagehtti squash

This incredibly versatile item is actually a member of the fruit group. Of all the varieties of squash, the spaghetti squash definitely has the most to offer in the way of options. There is a way to truly get from this delightful fruit, every bit of its potential. The trick is in how you grow your spaghetti squash.

How to Grow the Greatest Spaghetti Squash

Like most other late harvest squashes, gourds, and pumpkins, they simply grow on the ground until they are ripe and ready to be picked. To truly get the most out of your spaghetti squash, build a trellis about six feet high for the squash vines to grow up and along to the trellis’s top. Once the vines reach the top of the trellis you can guide the fruit sprouts downward.

You will be amazed to watch the spaghetti squash’s growing process in action over time. Over the period of just a few short months the squash sprout will become engorged. Allowing nature and gravity to do their job the squash will begin to elongate. By the time summer is reaching its close, it is not uncommon for a spaghetti squash to grow upwards of an impressive four and five feet long. Impressive indeed!

As if this fruits amazing ability to grow to such lengths was not impressive enough, another incredible trait that this fruit has to offer is nearly the entire plant is edible. If you choose to stake out a small patch to construct a trellis and plant some spaghetti squash seeds in your garden, you want be let down come harvest time.

Aside from the raw produce you yield, all of the leaves can be used in salads or soups. The aromatic flowers can be reduced down in cream and sugar for a tasty treat. The pale yellow flesh of the fruit can be used in any number of ways your imagination can think of After drying and saving some of your seeds for planting next season, the rest can be roasted with various seasonings to your taste, whether it be sweet, salty, or spicy, any and all work well with this truly impressive fruit variety.

Image: iStockPhoto