Limited Yard Space? Start Growing Fruit Trees in Containers!

Growing Fruit Trees in Containers

Do you live in a small apartment or have a dwelling that will not allow you to grow the kinds of plants you really like? What if you could have fresh fruits and enjoy them right off the tree? Well, there is a way to have it all and still have time for your life. No matter if you have limited yard space, why not start growing fruit trees in containers! Not only will the trees beautify your surroundings but they will also be a great snack to enjoy!

What trees can be planted indoors?

Picking the right tree is very important to the success of your harvest. Not all trees will be able to grow properly indoors. Citrus, avocados, figs, jujubes, pomegranates, cherries and blueberry plants are all great for planting in containers. Dwarf fruit trees are great as well. Be careful not to choose plants that will have roots that need extra space to grow. Trees such as peach, plum, and nectarine are not good for growing in containers because their roots need a lot of room to expand, and sometimes the roots will expand greatly before the tree bares any fruit.

How to plant the trees

After picking out the perfect tree that you want, choose a pot that is much bigger than the original pot that your tree is contained in. It has to have room to grow and thrive. This pot should have good drainage so that the water can run off and your roots won’t rot. To help with the drainage, you can add some gravel to the bottom of the pot.

Having a good soil mixture is very important. Use a good mixture such as perlite and pine bark and mix in some potting soil. If these items are not available to you, you can mix in a good fertilizer with your potting soil. Place a bit of the soil into the pot and place your tree on top. As you release the roots you may cut some of the roots if needed. This can stimulate root growth. Put the rest of the dirt in the pot and cover the roots very well. You can place a layer of mulch on top of the dirt to help with moisture and help fertilize the soil. Water your tree and keep it moist, not allowing it to completely dry out.

Maintain your tree

Place your tree in a place with good sunlight if possible. If you have a balcony you can place it on the balcony and bring it back inside during winter months. Prune your tree periodically so that it will grow the way that you want it to. This tree can grow as small or as large as you want it to, so pruning is very important. Don’t expect your tree to bare as much fruit as an outdoor tree, but you will have fresh fruit at your fingertips very soon.

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Will you start growing fruit trees?


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