The Easiest Berries to Grow in Your Garden

growing berries

As a kid growing up in the south, there was always fruits and vegetables outside that were very convenient to pick and eat whenever I needed a snack. I could play outside all day and run over to a berry bush or plum bush and eat all I wanted. My grandmother had an amazing green thumb and her property was loaded with delicious fresh berries every year. Here are the easiest berries to grow in your garden.

Mulberry Tree

I must say that this tree would be a very good investment for your garden. Not only will it grow to be 50 feet and serve as great shade for picnics and relaxation, but it will produce delicious sweet berries every year. This one tree produces plenty of berries for pies and will still have some left to freeze or share with others. Plant this tree away from your house or underground pipes, because the roots will expand and may cause damage. Once this tree becomes strong and healthy it will not require pruning and they are usually free of insects and disease. There are three species of mulberry and they all thrive in different zones. There is one that is a bush, so if you would like to just keep things a little more compact, this one would be good for you.


You can’t have a garden without strawberries. Even the wild strawberries are a wonderful treat when you want something sweet. Plant them in the spring in full sun and they will grow close to the ground. Keep the patch weeded and water them generously once a week.


Every summer you could find me picking wild blackberries beside the road. They would grow along the dirt roads in our neighborhood like clockwork. There is the upright variety and the kind that grows into running vines. These plants will continuously create more plants and they could overtake your garden if you don’t prevent it. We never tried to tame them so we had more and more each year.  Choose the general area you want your berries to be in and let them do the decorating. If you have the kind that likes to run, create a trellis for them to run on.

Huckleberries or Blueberries

Huckleberries are very similar to blueberries but have a different taste. They grow in the mountainous regions and are a favorite food for bears, so you may want to think twice before planting these if you live in bear country. If you don’t mind waiting, these plants take 3 to 5 years to produce berries, but will take up to 15 years to mature fully. So you can have a berry plant that will be around for many years that you can share with your grandkids. Blueberries will have a sweeter taste and will grow in small spaces. There are three varieties that grow well in different zones, so pick the one that is right for your location. Like the huckleberry they will take 3 years to produce a nice harvest.

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What tips do you have for growing berries?


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