How To Grow Vegetables In A Hot Climate

hot climate grow vegetables

Do you live in a hot climate? It can be hard to grow vegetables where the sun beats down mercilessly. It can seem as if it’s drying up your plants. You can have wonderful vegetables one day, and then the next they’re nothing but burnt husks due to the heat. So, how can you ensure your vegetables stay safe in the heat? Here are a couple of ways to do just that.


One way you can protect your vegetables in a hot climate is a greenhouse. A green house will help to filter the sunlight out, and to keep the moisture inside. There are special green houses that even have tinted windows so the sun doesn’t bear down too much on your plants. While a greenhouse may be humid, it will help to keep the temperature at least level enough so your plants are comfortable.

Partial Shade

There are plenty of sun-loving vegetables out there. They can be sunflowers, tomatoes, and even strawberries. However, they too can suffer from the heat. One way to make sure they don’t is to plant them near partial shade. Plant your sun-loving plants in a way so they’re shaded when the sun is directly overhead. This can be by a tree, the side of your house, or even a wall. Also make sure the plants are receiving evening sun as well. This way they still get the sunlight they need, but are not burning come high noon when they’re trying to grow.

Plant Vegetables That Are Used To The Heat

There are actually a couple of vegetables that are used to the heat. If you decide to go this route, it will be easier to help your plants to thrive. Asparagus is one of these vegetables that do very well in high heat. A few other vegetables you may be interested in planting that can handle the summer heat are: Southeast Asian eggplants, sweet potatoes, peppers, and okra. Even squash can handle high temperatures and will still produce a decent crop.

Keep Cold Loving Plants Indoors, But Near Sunny Windows

Our homes are usually a great place where the temperature is actually quite mild. It stays constant, and during the summer, it’s easy to assume your house will stay cool. So if you have a few favorite vegetables you want to grow that prefer the cold, why not grow them indoors? You will probably have to resort to pots, but with a few sunny windows it’s actually quite easy. Especially if you love those salad vegetables like lettuce and spinach to eat during the season.

Helping your vegetable plants to beat the heat can take a little bit of elbow grease. You will have to be careful about where you plant your plants. You’ll have to check for the angle of the sun during the day to find good spots where plants can get morning and evening sun. We wish you luck planting this warm season!


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