The Best Teas To Grow In Your Garden

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I love being able to sustain myself from the food that I grow in my own garden. It gives me a feeling of pride and stability just knowing that I cant sort of survive by my own two hands. Teas can be expensive so why spend that extra money on something that you can grow yourself? You have the ability to make teas from your garden, and all you have to do is buy the seeds or plants. Fresh taste best, but you can always dry the herbs and roots and save them for later use. Nature has provided us with everything we need to survive.

Plants for teas

Whatever your favorite tea is, you can plant it in your own garden to make fresh tea. If you love organic teas you are the grower, so you already know how pure it is. Here is a list of plants that would be perfect to grow teas.


It is pretty common and you can find it in most areas of the USA. It is the first tea I had ever had as a child and I loved the smell that our mint patch gave off outside our back door. It taste great hot or cold, and much better than a Lipton tea bag.


My grandmother kept this around for its medicinal uses. It is good for colds, chest congestion, bronchitis, intestinal issues, relieves gas, anti viral qualities that help with skin conditions and wounds, as well as a host of other uses.


I just realized that we had this in our yard too but I thought they were just pretty mini sunflowers. This tea is good for insomnia, stress, ulcers, menstrual issues, and it has anti inflammatory properties. It is pretty easy to grow and may be mistaken for a weed or wild flowers.


This is not just for cats. According to my grandmother, she would make tea for babies and it would calm them. It turns out that catnip will alleviate an upset stomach and it is a sleep aid. There is a host of other uses that will surprise you.


Once again, this is something that my grandmother kept close by and now I know why. It is good for fighting off a cold and all of its irritating symptoms and it is known to help with sinus infections — great herb to keep around.


If you are going to plant items to make teas, you may as well pick the ones that will have some medicinal uses. It will save you money on medical costs and lesson the time of your sickness. This is some real valuable information and I for one will keep these on hand for my own home remedy uses.

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