PRETTY: Grow A Living Wall Garden

What is a living wall garden? Well, it’s a vertical garden you grow along a wall — makes sense, huh? A living wall garden can be grown a variety of ways. You can use a normal wall as your starting point. You can place frames against the wall where you can hang a variety of plants, and slowly work your way down. You can also use a variety of stilts, posts, wire, and just about anything that can hold plants! We wanted to show you today how to grow your living wall of plants. There are many ways to grow a living wall, but here is the basic layout.

Time & Patience

First off, start off safe. Getting a living wall garden to take root and growing easily takes a lot of time. The best time to get a head start is to start growing plants after the last frost. If you want an even bigger head start, plants indoors first. Plants do take the time to grow, so starting off early inside where it’s nice and warm will give you an extra edge.

Plan it Out

Don’t leap right into your wall garden. The best way to grow a successful wall garden is to plan it out how you want it to look. This will cut down on the stress on how to know where to place each plant.

Start off with a row of vines at the top. You’ll want to go with small leaf vines, so they don’t choke out your other plants. Vines are perfect to give your garden wall a cascading effect. Not only do they look lovely, but you have a huge variety of vines you can choose from. You can go with vines with broad green leaves, or the flowering types if you want a sweet scent to permeate your garden. Vines will also fill in any gaps between other plants to hide the structure you’re using to hold your living wall garden up. Go with vines that have trailing vines like rosary ivy.

Air plants are another excellent way to go. These plants require no soil, and you can place them right on your wall! Just use a waterproof adhesive to keep them in place. Arrange the tillandsias (another name for air plants) on the wall to your hearts content. They are another perfect plant to hide any trellis or other items to reveal what is holding up your living garden wall.

This is the best part! You can now choose flowering plants, herbs, or anything else to arrange along the bottom of your wall, or on it! The best way to do this is to have elevated pots, trellis, or anything else you have to make your garden vertical. Arrange different kinds of flowering plants around your wall as needed. You can even make a small “basket” of sorts with just some moss, soil, and a bit of bird netting. Attach it to the wall by stapling it to some oak bark or grape wood bark. Not only will it look nice, but your living garden wall will maintain it’s appearance of being a living wall of plant life!

Do you have a living wall garden?


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