Gardening on a Tight Budget

gardening buget

You don’t need a lot of money to have enjoy a beautiful garden. If you are on a shoestring budget, and want to either start a garden from scratch or enhance your existing garden, all you need is some creativity, determination and the loose change you found in your couch cushions. The following tips will help you create an interesting and lovely garden on a tight budget.

Get plants for free

Ask friends and neighbors for some seed heads from any flowers or plants they have that you admire. You can sow an entire garden of flowers grown from just seeds. Or ask them for some cuttings from some of their most interesting plants. Many cuttings can grow roots by simply placing them in a glass of water on a sunny window ledge. If you want an herb garden, many grocery stores now sell inexpensive living herb plants, which will continue to reproduce for many years when you pot them outside, saving you countless money. Also, planting bulbs that divide themselves each year, such as Snowdrops, will multiply year after year. Plant your bulbs in a shady area such as under a tree, and plant them at least twice their own depth for the most successful growth.

Scour your attic or garage for discarded items that will make unique plant containers or charming garden accessories

Coffee mugs, old pots, and baskets make excellent planters, and quirky knickknacks make terrific garden accents. Or enjoy a day at yard sales or flea markets and look for inexpensive decorative items such as wind chimes, old lanterns, interesting statues, and bird baths. Search for whimsical items as well, such as little stone critters like frogs, lizards or insects to place among your plants to add a dash of fun and personality.

Make your own compost

Save all your raw vegetable scraps, coffee grounds, tea bags and garden trimmings in a bin to sufficiently rot, which creates perfect compost materials. Making a leaf pile of fallen leaves in autumn also makes wonderful compost. Using compost you make yourself also cuts down on the amount of garbage you generate, and saves you the expense of fertilizers.

Forget about costly chemicals

One of the cheapest ways to maintain your garden’s health is by hand pulling weeds as soon as you discover them. Pull them when they are small and they won’t become a widespread problem which requires spending money on chemical weed killers. And don’t bother with expensive bug sprays either. Many insects inhabiting your garden are actually beneficial to your plants.

When it comes to gardening — you don’t need to spend a lot to get a lot. An amazing, beautiful garden can be yours without spending a lot of cash. The result? Priceless…

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