6 Incredible Gardening Jobs

Gardening Careers
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Wouldn’t it be great to make a career out of what you love the most? If gardening is your forte, you could spend your days communing with plants while still knowing that you are actually doing what is necessary to get the bills paid. You could have fun every day doing a task that feeds your soul, and the check would just be an added bonus to your day. There are so many gardening jobs that you can choose from that would serve you well. In today’s world, there is a need for horticulture brainiacs all the time. Here is a list of options you can consider in the gardening workforce.


This is a popular choice, and one can be found practically on every corner in a major city. Do you enjoy arranging flowers and creating elaborate bouquets? This may be the job for you.

Nursery Worker

Check out your local nursery and see if they are hiring. You could let them know about your amazing garden and your way with the plant population, and land a job working part-time for them.


Do you like grass? No…. the green kind. Would you believe that you could make a career out of taking care of the lawn on a golf course? You would just need a degree in agriculture or environmental science depending on how highfalutin the golf club estate is.

Landscape Architect

If you are looking for something that will be exciting and always challenging, develop your skills and become a landscape architect. You could design parks, corporate office building sites, or residential developments. There is so much to do with this profession. You could pick and choose your own projects if you are self-employed.

Crop Scientist

I know that you may feel like a crop scientist already just because of your ability to produce a thriving healthy garden, but a bona fide crop scientist will help farmers to keep their crops healthy to cultivate our food supply. You could educate farmers, develop special fertilizers, or investigate how to keep disease and insects from harming the veggies. This is a pretty important job to have.


This had to be on the list for obvious reasons. If you like growing fruits and vegetables for you and your family, you may want to expand and include the rest of the world. I grew up on a farm and oh my goodness, it is a lot of hard back-breaking work, but the end result is so worth it. Depending on your type of farm, you could produce fruit, vegetables, eggs, milk, meats, and whatever else you want to hock. If it’s fresh and tastes good, people will buy it.

Get out there and see what you can find to quench your thirst for gardening nirvana. It’s out there waiting for you to show up. Just be on time.


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