6 Garden Gadgets That Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

Garden tools

It’s not hard to imagine having fun in my garden with gadgets that make gardening simpler and easier. I enjoy discovering new and improved garden tools that someone has made. The pain of bending over or stooping down can be terrible on the back and knees, and getting cuts and bruises for doing something that I enjoy is no fun. I can remember how rough and prickly my grandma’s hands were for years, all because she didn’t have the luxury of garden gloves.

Here is a list of fun garden tools that can make your life a bit more comfortable and easier.

Oversized Yard and Garden Scoops

These two handy scoopers are like having large shovels attached to your hands. You use them to clear the leaves and debris from your yard with ease. These could also turn your kids into little handy helpers too.

Scoot-N-Do Garden Seat

This is easy on the back and knees. A little scooter with a seat for you to sit on and a handy basket for your tools or other items, will allow you to sit while you work in your garden. Whoever came up with this should be well rewarded. Click here to find this and the oversized scoops.

Rechargeable Snow Shovel

This baby is needed by a lot of people right now. This has a 500-watt motor that causes the blades to clear away the snow faster. It is about 15lbs and will perform for up to 50 minutes when fully charged. You can find one online at Hammacher Schlemmer.

Chuppon Self Watering Animal Planter

These are pretty cute and I think that the budding gardener will enjoy them. A Ceramic animal that is attached to a planter that will drink water when your plants need to be watered is pretty clever. This is great for herbs and plant starters. You can find these at here.

Worx Trivac Blower-Mulcher-Vacuum w/Metal Impeller

This gadget will do a multitude of helpful things such as raking leaves, creating mulch, and vacuuming. It is worth owning one of these if you have a lot of leaves to deal with every year, and a garden that could benefit from the fresh mulch. This is model #29250 and it can be found at Kotulas.

Eco Stack Composter

If you want to create a compost with very little work on your part, this is the one for you. It is built for your convenience and all you have to do is put it together and add your waste. It will catch rainwater so there is no need to add water, and there is no need for turning. All very compact and neat. For more information on this product click here, and get started on your own compost adventure.

Photo Credit:  istockphoto.com

What are some of your favorite garden tools?



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