Garden Planning Tips To Help You Get Started

Garden Planning tips

Planning a garden is such an exciting time because you can do pretty much anything you want. The layout and design of your garden is in your hands and if you don’t like it, you can always change it. Nothing is set in stone, so to speak. The plants that you desire are your responsibility to take care of and place them in areas that are right for them to thrive and grow. So location, location, location, is very important when planning your garden. We’ve rounded up a few garden planning tips that will help you get things started.

Find the spot

Decide where you want your garden to be located. Depending on what you plan to plant, you may need a spot with full sun. Keep in mind where the shadows fall and if trees are blocking the sun. If you have a lot of shade then you could plant some cool-season plants to play it safe. Try not to plant near any trees or shrubs because they could sap the water from your new garden.

Find a design

My grandmother always made her garden in long rows and every year it would look the same. If you want to try something different and save time and space, you can create raised beds and fill them with good fertilized soil. Plant different veggies in each bed and it will help when you want to work on one area at a time. It will cut your weeding and maintenance down tremendously. Using a grid pattern will also do the job.

What will you plant?

Take some time to think about what you would like to plant. Will you be feeding your family or the entire neighborhood? Would you like to help others by giving away some of your harvest or will you be canning and freezing for the winter? What season will you start to plant? Keep that in mind when you go to buy seeds and plants. If you plant more than you need, you may be able to sell some at your local farmers Market. Your little garden could become something bigger than you ever expected.

Be prepared

Be ready for unexpected encounters such as rodents, pests, and other animals. If you live in an area with deer, you may need to fence in your garden or use other methods. Rabbits can be hard on green leafy vegetables, so be prepared for those issues. My time with some javelinas (skunk pig) ended with me waking up to find all of my watermelons busted open and thrown all over the front yard. It was a pretty sad day, and I haven’t planted a watermelon since. Anyway, just be ready for the unexpected and you can always get advice on how to keep your garden safe from your local garden store. The web is great, too.

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What are some of your garden planning tips?


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