The Nutrients You Should Add To Your Garden

garden Nutrients

Your garden is very important in nature. Whether you’re growing fruits, vegetables, or even just flowers, you need to maintain their health. This can lay mainly in the soil. The soil is where your garden will draw out the majority of its nutrients, water, and where your plants live. If you have poor soil, you have poor plants. So, how can you add garden nutrients to your to keep it health? Here are a couple of tips to do just that.


It’s no lie that plants need nitrogen in the soil to allow them to grow. Nitrogen is used by plants in chlorophyll. It’s actually one of the essential ingredients. This is what gives plants their green coloring and ability to grow. If your soil is low in nitrogen, your plants will essentially either die off or have stunted growth. After each time you use your garden, be sure to add in compost or manure into the soil. This will renew the nitrogen content, and prepare your garden for another round of plants.


If you’re growing vegetables, you’re going to want soil rich in potassium. Potassium is needed for when you have a huge amount of crops you want to harvest later. It promotes growth in plants, and helps them to produce as much as possible. If you had a low yield of vegetables last year, a lack of potassium in the soil may be the problem. This problem is easily fixed by adding dried eggshells to the soil. As the eggshells decompose they release potassium into the soil. Definitely make sure to add those eggshells in after each crop to ensure you get the best results from your plants.


Phosphorus is essential all plant and human life. Phosphorus helps plants by helping them form sugars and carbohydrates. Young plants especially need phosphorus in order to grow. It helps them to form RNA and DNA, along with enzymes and proteins they need to continue to grow. One of the simplest ways to put phosphorus back in the soil is simply to add green manure or compost. Phosphorus can also come from decaying animals. There are also some special fertilizers that are rock based and carry plenty of phosphorus to help enrich your soil even further. Eggshells also carry a small amount of phosphorus in them and can help your soil be enriched even more.

One the best ways to make sure your soil is great for your plants is to renew it after each planting. This means adding compost to it, watering it so the soil remains moist, and being sure to switch out plants that put nutrients back in the soil. Depending on the types of plants you’re growing, they may need more of one type of nutrients then another one. So be sure to do some light research to see if you’ll need to do any extra work in order to help your garden grow. We hope you have a successful garden this season!

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What type of garden nutrients do you use?


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