Can I Still Garden in Autumn Months?

Garden in Autumn

The days are now shorter and cooler, and many people believe that there isn’t much more to do in their gardens until the spring. No need to neglect your garden in autumn months. There is still plenty you can do to extend your passion for being in your garden in autumn. You can be both productive as well as enjoy the crisp gorgeous weather the autumn months offer.

Tips for Your Garden in Autumn:

Keep Watering

If you have tomato plants or other vegetables still producing, you need to make sure they are still receiving adequate water. If you recently planted perennials, you will need to water those well too to make certain they are well rooted and will be able to cope with the upcoming freeze-thaw cycle in winter.

Harvest Remaining Vegetables and Herbs

You may not have been in your garden these past few weeks, and therefore may not have noticed you might have some plants still growing and producing. Get out there and take a good look. If you see tomatoes, oregano and sage still growing, harvest them now. If you have more than you can use, you can freeze them to use later in the winter, or give some away to friends or a food bank.

Continue Weeding

It’s important to keep weeding your garden through these next few months. A lot of grasses and other annual weeds are going to seed this time of year, so if you can pull up those pesky weeds before these seeds drop and multiply, your garden will be in much better shape for the next planting season. Trees, such as maples, often sprout in places you may not want them. If you discover these sprouts early, they are very easy to yank out. If they have already grown too large to easily tug out, use a shovel and dig them up. If they become too big, they have the potential to damage a fence or other structure in your yard. Weeding is much more bearable in these cooler months, and it gives you an excuse to hang out in your garden if you are missing your favorite hobby.

Plant New Things

There are still some plants and vegetables that thrive in the autumn months. Although the cooler weather causes the seeds to germinate a little longer, they will still produce wonderful items for a fall salad. Some good choices for autumn planting are peas, lettuce, carrots, turnips, radishes, broccoli, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts. Remember, there are also many popular fall flowers you can add to your garden.

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