What Should Your Garden Do For You?

garden benefits

Even though your garden serves as a source of food and beauty, it should also be a place of peace. It should be the one place that you can go that you can be yourself. You should be able to let go of your stress and frustrations by working in the dirt. Open yourself up and receive the healing that your plants can provide for you. Here are some garden benefits you can reap.

Your own personal sanctuary

A friend of mine once said that his garden was his sanctuary. He would surround his bed with pots of his plants when he was sick and he would gain healing strength from the plants. The fresh oxygen alone could do wonders for helping the body to heal, but also planting lavender can help make your garden a relaxing oasis.

Build friendships

Gardens are very useful, and one great thing is that it can bring people together. As you work the soil and discover that you could use something special that your neighbor may be willing to share, it will give you the incentive to go over and talk. The neighbor may have some cow manure that you can exchange for some of your fresh vegetables, or you could help build his fence for some of his apples. Whatever the project is, it could be the beginning of a long friendship.

Feed the hungry

Most gardens will yield so much that you couldn’t possibly eat it all yourself. This would be a good time to share with someone who is in need. You may know some people who could use some extra food. Just take some of your bounty over to them and surprise them with your harvest. Your garden can be someone’s saving grace in this harsh economy.

School field trip

Allow your garden to serve as an adventure for your local elementary school. Help teach young children all about growing their own fruits and vegetables, and give them something from the garden to take home. It could be a seed that they can take home to start their own garden in a pot. Gardens can be a tool to show kids where food really comes from and how it is cultivated. Let them know that it did not originate from a can or a packet in the cabinet.


However you choose to enjoy your garden, know that you have something very special. Not everyone has a green thumb, and that ability alone makes you a very special nurturing person, so use it wisely.

Photo Credit:  istockphoto.com

What garden benefits have you reaped lately?



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