Garden Art: Innovative Uses For Everyday Utensils

garden artIf you’re like the majority of the population in our country, when common items in the household break, you simply throw them out and plan a shopping trip to buy new ones. Well, aside from taking the time to make your best attempt at fixing the broken item, you will probably still have to go out and purchase a replacement for your broken utensil, or what-have-you. However, you now have some very interesting options to entertain in regards to what to do with your broken or just built up the clutter of miscellaneous things around your home.

Garden Art – Innovative Uses for Everyday Utensils: Functional or Artistic

If this concept piques your interest, you can easily join the growing trend of individuals that are creatively recycling their old items that have been broken or collecting dust quietly calling out for your attention. With a little time and a splash of imagination, ordinary everyday items are being transformed into clever trinkets that cost nearly nothing yet possess quality traits like efficiency and functionality. An excellent example of this is displayed on the increasingly popular “hack” ideas that are usually offered up on a regular basis.

Your other option is to travel down the route of slightly less functionality, although no less intriguing. Use your old items to create pieces of art. There are galleries that are now devoted to exclusively showing only art that is made from 100% recycled materials. Alright, so maybe you’re not exactly interested in trying to show your creations in a gallery, but you can still make some truly amazing things with your old household items to then decorate your home.

garden artAgain, costing nearly nothing, you can easily create pieces of art that reflect your own style and personality. Just take an old garden hose and drape around your fence, then hang random bent articles of old past-time fun, like an old golf club, or watering can. Your options end only where your own imagination does. Keep in mind, there are no rules to this endeavor, you can use old flower pots to place backyard spotlights in. There are no restrictions. Get creative and enjoy yourself!

If you’ve used everyday utensils in your garden decor, leave a comment and by all means, post a photo of your garden art!


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