Five Tips to Caring for Bamboo Plants Indoors

bambooThe Bamboo plant is quickly becoming one of the most common, and treasured, plants found throughout the world. While they may have once been considered a South Asia specialty, used typically for building purposes, that is certainly not the case anymore. In fact, you can grow them now in your very own home. Check out the five tips to caring for bamboo plants indoors below:

Tip 1: Grow your Bamboo plant in a pot that is wider at the top than the bottom. This is super important, as it not only makes potting much easier for you, but also helps prevent the roots or pot from getting damaged in the process.

Tip 2: Do not place the Bamboo plant in the sun. If you are a frequent gardener, you are probably doing a double take right around now. While yes, most plants require plenty of sunshine to grow and develop, this one doesn’t. In fact, the Bamboo is a rainforest plant, so it needs lots of shade and a cool environment to survive. If they end up being in the sun too much, the Bamboo plant will start to turn yellow.

Tip 3: Place the Bamboo plant in a temperature that is just right. Ideally, you want to leave it in a room where the temperature is roughly 70 degrees Fahrenheit. If the location is too cold or too warm, this could be very dangerous for the Bamboo plant. Remember, since you’re growing the plant in a pot, it’s going to be more sensitive to the temperature than one would be if it grew in the ground.

Tip 4: Water your Bamboo plant as needed. Like with any part of nature, the Bamboo plant needs to be watered regularly. However, as far as how much water it needs depends on which Bamboo variety you bought. Be careful, though, you don’t want to over or under water it, since that could damage or even kill the Bamboo plant.

Tip 5: Fertilize your plant. To ensure that your Bamboo plant receives the nutrients it needs, fertilize it with a high nitrogen fertilizer. This is crucial to keeping the plant healthy for the long run.

 Photo Credit:  Thinkstock