Five Steps to Preserving Tomatoes

preserving tomatoes

If you grow tomatoes every summer, you know that by the end of it you tend to end up with an overabundance of fruit. Of course, you can just toss these extra tomatoes out, but why waste them? Instead, why don’t you preserve these tomatoes by freezing them for later use.

Here are five steps to preserving tomatoes

1. Clean Your Tomatoes

  • After you gather up your tomatoes from your garden, make sure that you wash them thoroughly. You want to be certain that you get any dirt stuck on them wiped away. Then, when you’re done cleaning your tomatoes, let them air dry or use a paper towel to pat the water off.

2. Start Preparing

  • Before you place your tomatoes in the freezer, you must take out a baking tray and gently layer your dry tomatoes on them. This way none of your tomatoes end up getting squished along the way. After that, simply clear out some room in your freezer for the tray.

3. Flash-Freeze the Tomatoes

  • For roughly 15 to 30 minutes, leave your tomatoes in the freezer uncovered. By doing this, you’re allowing the tomatoes to truly freeze over. However, if you have any large tomatoes, those may need to stay in the freezer for a longer period of time.

4.  Take Out Your Tray

  • When you eventually remove your tray from the freezer, it is crucial to check that the tomatoes are hard. If not, leave them in the freezer a little longer. Next, grab your tomatoes and place them into large freezer bags, with all the air removed. By keeping air in these bags, you could ruin the whole preserving process. Then, label and date your frozen tomatoes, as they should be used within  two or three months.

5. Put the Tomatoes Back into the Freezer

  • Obviously, you don’t want to leave your tomatoes just sitting out in the open, as they will thaw out before you’re ready to use them, so place them back into the freezer until that time comes. Then, remove your tomatoes from the freezer and lay them down on your counter. Once they defrost, you’ll be able to peel away any of the loosened skins.

Do you have other ideas for preserving tomatoes?

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  1. Yes, here’s how we preserve tomatoes in some italian regions:
    1 clean your tomatoes
    2 cut them into half
    3 lay them face up and sprinkled with salt on a net, so that they can slowly lose their water and dry
    4 let them rest this way in the sun for ten days
    5 once they are dry you can put them in some glass jars, with some basil leaves
    This way, you will be able to use them when you cook soups, broths, or when you make some bread.
    Remember they are pretty salty!


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