Outdoor Fall and Winter Decor Designs

Fall and winter decor

Easy Ways to Decorate Your Entryway on a Budget

It’s not Christmas yet, despite the barrage of media marketing campaigns for holiday shopping. Don’t worry, you can enjoy the crisp spectrum of oranges, yellows and reds for a bit longer before transitioning to your winter holiday décor.

Here are some fall and winter decor ideas

Using Pumpkins

  • You can do away with the jack-o-lanterns, but you can still certainly cover your front porch in pumpkins and hay bales. Little troves of the minis can add interest to your setup. Fill an empty planter with the little guys in different shapes, including gourds. Stuff with something sturdy, or even dirt, if you have any left over, so the pumpkins sit atop the planter.


  • White pumpkins. They’re unexpected and chic. Use your white pumpkins to break up the orange clusters, or for more fun, paint them. Use any color you fancy, but black and white will sophisticate the look.


  • Pile them. First, turn over a planter. We like the look of minimalist galvanized metal. Then, pile your pumpkins. Look for the pumpkin with a flattened top. Saw off the stem and pile two on top of one another for fun.


  • Stuff the minis in your flowerboxes with your mums.



Be creative with your arrangements. Mums are rich and hardy, but there are more options to add interest to your look. Try bunches of dried hydrangeas, richly colored calla lilies (we love the “black” callas which are really a very deep eggplant), flowering or white kale, billy balls, and artichokes. Non-traditional, richly colored flowers are great for fall. Arrange small planters on the steps, perhaps in galvanized buckets or water cans. Buy these at the end of the summer season—they look great in the Fall.


Burlap is a great accessory that will take you into Winter. Hang your wreaths with it, make your wreaths with (wrap it around a foam circle), or wrap it around your planters. Remember, it’s in the details.

When it’s time to transition to winter, try these easy, go-to tips:

  1. Ya know those pumpkin-filled planters we talked about? Now, transition them by cutting greenery from the yard (a spruce would be great). Let the planters overflow with greenery and finish it off with extras from your local craft store, like sticks of berry, faux apples, pine cones or (sturdy) ornaments.
  2. If you have an old sled, or one that you use as décor and you can get your hands on an old pair of ice skates (try Good Will!), lean the sled against the house and tie your ice skates to the sled. And hope for snow to complete the look!
  3. Accent your outdoor décor with lanterns. Fill with greenery, or actual white candles for your holiday gathering.
  4. Instead of a wreath, hang a stocking on your door (if you have a covered porch). Tie a bow to the hook (if there is one) and hang the bow. Fill with greenery.

 Do you have any other fall and winter decor ideas?


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