Cold Weather Veggies

winter vegetablesCold weather calls for some good hardy vegetables that can get you through the winter and give you that warm seasonal feeling. There are always the favorites that get me ready to face the winter and provide the comfort food that I so enjoy. My family was always big on winter gardening because it was the main source to feed the family. All of these vegetables are great for soups, salads, and desserts as well. Here are some cold weather veggies that you should keep on hand for the winter.

Get those greens in

A staple in my household was collard greens and cabbage, but there are others that will serve just as well. Kale is great for a healthy smoothie, chard makes for a good salad and Brussel sprouts do hit the spot. Broccoli is one that grows perfectly year round and will be great in a stir-fry. These green veggies do well in 20-degree weather.

A good root will do you good

This may be showing my age, but a nice sweet potato bed was always kept nearby during the winter for those holiday sweet potato pies. Potatoes store very well in the ground during winter. Onions, carrots, and beets should all be a part of your winter garden. Garlic is one that should be planted in winter so it will be ready for plucking in July.

Herbs are important too

If you would like fresh herbs in the winter and are concerned with them being in cold weather, grow them inside your home in a designated area. You will always have fresh herbs available for your gourmet dishes. For the outdoor garden, mint, and rosemary does very well and will be an important staple for your health as well as for your meals. Parsley is great for your outdoor garden and basil will do well inside your home. Prepare yourself every winter for these tasty herbs and dry them for longer storage. For more information on how you can grow herbs indoors go to hydroponic herb garden kits and get started growing fresh herbs today.

Fruit does the body good in winter

In Arizona, there is always fresh fruit trees in winter ready to harvest. Lemons, grapefruit, and oranges are ready to give you that boost of vitamin C. Pears, as well as tangerines, are a great winter fruit that many can enjoy during the cold seasons. Even though these are not veggies, they are still important to the body and great to have on hand during the winter.

Gardening in winter is a common thing and will take a bit more effort, but when you know the difference between winter gardening and summer gardening you will not be fazed by it. You will be able to prepare your garden for the harsh elements that they may face and still turn out a bountiful crop.