extracting honey from hive

The 411 On Extracting Honey From A Hive

One of the most delicious things that mother nature has provided us with is the natural delicacy of honey. It can only be made by the talented busy bees, and mankind can’t touch that....
attract birds to garden

Landscaping To Attract Birds: Create A Bird Sanctuary

If you’re thinking of creating a bird sanctuary, then thank you. Really, using your spare space in the backyard can help save birds every year and provide threatened birds with a safe stopping point....
Keep Rabbits Out Of The Garden

How To Safely Keep Rabbits Out Of The Garden

Have you been wondering what’s been happening to some of your leafier produce that you planted this year in your garden? Perhaps you are already aware of rabbits in or around your property and...
Garden Boots

How to Keep Spiders Out of Garden Boots

One of the downsides to working in the garden is having to deal with spiders, especially when they're crawling in your boots. Yikes! It's no wonder, though, that this happens when the apparel is...
Megacopta_cribraria - Kudzu Bugs Winter

Dealing with Kudzu Bugs in the Winter

Like many other insects, when the weather starts getting colder, the kudzu bug searches for an escape from the outdoors. This can prove extremely difficult for gardeners. No worries though. Here at Gracious Gardening,...

April is National Frog Month And Your Garden Will Love Them!

You can spend a lot of time communing with nature in your garden. Hours can pass as you enjoy all the beauty and life that exists there. If you’re like most people, though, you...

How to Build a Butterfly Garden

If you’re looking to get more out of your garden this year, you may want to think about adding flowers and plants that attract wildlife. One species of wildlife that adds stunning beauty to...