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30 Health Benefits of Herbs and Spices

Spices and herbs have been part of most traditional diets since forever and that's not just because they add a lot of flavor to dishes. Research has shown that they contain components that are...
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25 Health Benefits of Fruit

We all know that fruit is delicious, but many people underestimate the health benefits of fruit and that they contain too much sugar. Fruit does contain fructose, but if you eat the whole fruit...
Greenhouse Vegetables

55 Health Benefits of Vegetables

If you're like most people, your mother frequently told you to "eat your vegetables". We all know that they are good for our health, but many people don't realize the magnitude and scope of...

How Snow is Good For Your Garden

Winter seems to be something that is scary for some gardeners. Although the snow can cause havoc on some plants, it could be a saving grace for others. In the south, winters were a...
Greenhouse tips

Greenhouses 101 – Grow Year Round!

Having fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs available throughout the year is very convenient. It results in less gas needed to run to the store and less garbage created. These are just a few of...
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How to Prepare Rose Gardens for Winter

It’s that time of year again when the cold is settling in all around us. Having your car covered in snow is bad, so we can only imagine the horrible impact that the snow...
Sprouting Seeds

10 Best Seed Catalogs to Prepare for Spring

It’s that time again when you need to plan for your gardening season. What will you plant and what quality of seed will you use? Which important tips can make your garden even better...
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7 Smart Gardening Resolutions for the New Year

Make this the year of gardening success! It doesn't matter whether you're an experienced gardener or a novice, almost anyone can successfully start and maintain a garden if they plan ahead and follow accordingly. Gardening...
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Cold Weather Veggies

Cold weather calls for some good hardy vegetables that can get you through the winter and give you that warm seasonal feeling. There are always the favorites that get me ready to face the...