Creative Gardening How To Build The Perfect Trellis

How To Build The Perfect Trellis


Building a garden trellis for your vegetables

Gardening is such a soothing activity, which is why I try to get my hands in some dirt every chance I get. Being rewarded with the taste and smell of fresh vegetables from my own garden makes me so grateful to be alive. I love sweet vine ripe tomatoes even if it takes a bit more work to help them grow. Having a green thumb is always a plus when growing vegetables, but sometimes a little extra is needed. Tomatoes need to have someplace to climb up to the light and a good sturdy wire trellis is the best way to go.

What you will need

  • Field Fence
  • Wire Cutters
  • Wood paint sticks
  • Stapler
  • Hammer (optional)

Ok, I have the stuff…now what?

This is the most affordable way to build a trellis in my opinion. No need to spend money on elaborate wooden readymade trellises if you don’t have to. If you can plant a seed, you can build your own trellis your way. Now, go to your local hardware store, or better yet, ask a friend if they have any of these things just lying around taking up space. I think they would be glad to hand it over and make room for some more stuff that they don’t really need.

Measurement is key

Measure off your field fence, and it can be the lightweight 12-1/2 gauge, and you can just bend it into a circle that is 2 to 3 feet across. Keep in mind that your plant will have to grow inside this circle. Once you know where you want to cut, use your wire cutters to cut straight down the wire. As you make your circle take the clipped ends and bend them around the other end with your hand to secure the circle.

Secure the stakes

Do this action all the way down the fence until your fence can stand up on its own. Now you just need two wooden stakes to secure the trellis to the ground. I tend to be frugal, so I had a few wooden paint stir sticks around the house and they worked nicely for me, but if you live in an area with strong winds you can use a sturdier piece of wood. Place your standing fence around your plant and make a mark in the dirt where you will place the wooden stakes.

Install the fence

The stakes have to be inside the circle touching the fence. If the ground is soft enough you can just push the stakes into the ground, if not use a hammer to hammer them in the ground about half way. Now set your fence over your plant and stakes, and staple the wire to the stakes. Congratulations you did it! You just made your first trellis. How easy was that?

Now you won’t have any problem making another one for your other vine friendly plants. I think it’s time to tell somebody how handy it is to have such a smart person like you around the house.

Photo Credit:  Thinkstock

Will you try to build this garden trellis?