The Best Trees to Plant on Your Property

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It is so nice to just bask in the shade of big majestic trees, but sometimes they can be hard to handle. With bad weather uprooting trees and the roots causing damage to pipes, it can be pretty scary to have a tree planted close to the house, but a house without a tree insight can be a bit sad looking. Luckily, there’s a way around this. As long as you have boundaries and space, you can still plant trees on your property. Just be sure to keep them away from things that they can possibly damage and everything should work out fine. Here is a list of the best trees to plant on your property.

Apple Tree

I can’t image a world without apple trees. They provide food as well as shade, and they just bring happiness across the land. They are absolutely beautiful when they bloom, too.

Oak tree

You can plant a Red, White or Live Oak tree that will surely be a great addition to your tree collection. There are over 600 species, and people are always commenting how strong majestic oak trees are because they can withstand almost anything.

Weeping Willow

These trees are just beautiful to look at and will bring grace and style to your yard. Make sure that you plant them far away from any pipes because their roots will spread out and can cause damage.

Dogwood tree

They are simply unique and gorgeous when they are in full bloom. They can come in a multitude of colors and will thrive better if you choose a local variety. I thought they only came in white until I saw them in other parts of the world.

Elm tree

They are strong and easy to grow. The American elm is prone to Dutch elms disease, which causes severe wilting,  but choose another variety if you have that problem in your area. Chinese or lacebark elm will do nicely.

Sycamore tree

This tree has some big leaves that you can have fun with, but plant it far away from everything if possible because the roots will spread out. It is great near a creek or lake if you have one. It is a very dominating tree, and would work well for people who have a larger plot of land.

Redbud tree

This is a small tree that will add some décor to your yard. It has little pink flowers in the spring and is covered in dark green heart shaped leaves. It would be a nice addition to your flowering plants in your yard.

Maple tree

The red maple tree has an amazing fall display that is breathtaking. It can grow in almost any condition. It has red flowers and will produce some red fruit. In North America there are thirteen species, so pick the one you like best.

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